Wasilla, Alaska

Say you want about her, without Sarah Palin, Wasilla would only have been one of the many small towns we pass by that we never paid much attention to. I’d say that putting Wasilla on the radar of travelers like us might have been her biggest accomplishment.

Welcome to Wasilla

It started as a joke

“Hey, we’ll be passing Wasilla. We should look for Sarah Palin’s house.”
“Hahaha, right. You.. funny… you.”

(15 seconds of thoughtful silence)

“Hey guys, it’s actually right by the road. I have the address right here,” Aaron chimed in from the back seat.

Then of course curiosity got the better of us.

It was amazingly easy (so easy it was scary) to find out exactly where she lives. Some other blogger has put up not only a satellite map, but pictures of her house so we knew exactly when we found it.

So we got off the highway right after Wasilla’s Best Western, following a nondescript dirt driveway parallel the road following the directions Aaron was reading off his phone.

What were we hoping to do there?

Jack was hoping to get a picture with her. We scoffed, “Yeah, that’s likely going to happen” (not). I’m not sure if he thought we’d spot her grocery shopping or cleaning her guns outside her house or what.

Aaron whined about Secret Service and this being Alaska everytime we got within 20 ft of a “No Trespassing” sign, so he was clearly just hoping not to get shot.

The voyeour in me was just hoping we could actually get close enough to see the house.

We couldn’t.

The driveway to the house was extra long. The house was partially hidden by trees and there were “No Trespassing” signs all over (which we respected).

Sarah Palin's house in Wasilla, Alaska

So that was a little disappointing. We didn’t get shot at. And Jack didn’t get his picture.

We did get to check out Lucille Lake, the lake on Palin’s backyard.

A hydroplane on Lake Lucille

Random fact: 1 in 15 Alaskans owns a plane

And we have the bragging rights that we saw Sarah Palin’s house. Or to be exact, the right corner of her roof. But still.