Anchorage, Alaska

Matanuska Glacier is one of Alaska’s few drive-through glaciers, called so because they’re easily accessible by car. It’s located on Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway and a popular day trip from Anchorage.

It’s also one of the few glaciers where you could, if you want, walk right across, slip, and crack your head on. And people do. Quite often as it turned out. I’d recommend investing in a helmet and a good medical insurance if you want to do something like walking on ice without a crampon.

Or you could take Matanuska Glacier Hike tour from Anchorage. It’s much easier, not to mention safer.

I can’t get enough of glaciers

If you really think about what glaciers are (a river of ice), and what they do (carve out valleys out of bedrock over millenias) – glaciers are an amazing force of nature. From afar, they stand out. A river of white and baby blue. Up close they’re breathtaking.

Ever since I got hooked on watching Park and Recreation, I’ve been having this urge to talk like Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe’s character). So I was channeling Chris a bit when, after catching sight of Matanuska glacier for the first time, I squealed, “Glaciers are LITERALLY one of my favorite things in the world!”

Matanuska glacierMatanuska Glacier

The best way to appreciate glaciers is up close and personal.

Which luckily we had a chance to do. And it was awesome.

walking on glacier, MatanuskaMatanuska glacier, AnchorageAmong the ice chunks of Matanuska glacier

If you ever had a chance to walk on glacier and see it up close, I’d highly recommend it. It might convince you to agree with me that glaciers are LITERALLY one of most beautiful things in the world.

Alaska is an adventure lover playground and I can’t wait to go back to Alaska again, and again. Here are more adventurous things to do in Alaska.

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