Baños, Ecuador


Some of the many figurines in the house. These are from our bedside table.

We stumbled across this apartment when we were trying to help our friends, Miin and Neil, to find an apartment here in Baños.

The guy quoted us $25 per person per week to this 3 br apartment right in the center of the city.

(You should’ve seen the face of the wife when she found out – she knew she could’ve charged us more.)

It comes with cable TV, free WiFi, a rooftop terrace, and hot water. And we even have hot water in the kitchen – the first we’ve ever had in South America.

For the other couple, the fully stocked kitchen was key.

For Jack, it’s the included wifi.

For me, the highlight of the apartment was the ample supply of full-sized, fluffy towels. I’m so sick of using the perpetually damp hand towel I brought with me.

Fluffy towels – add that to our little joys of travel.

If that is not awesome enough – you really have to check out these pictures below. This apartment is the definition of kitsch.

So kitsch your grandmother would want to stay here.

Our bed has this canopy thingy who doesn’t really anything.

Our bedroom in Baños, Ecuador

This is our living room. I love the different paint pattern on the walls.

Our living room in Baños, Ecuador

Our living room in Baños, Ecuador

The living room of our apartment in Baños, Ecuador

Living room

UPDATE: A commenter chastised me for not pointing out the fact that those the kitchen island’s ‘roof’ is decorated with empty cereal and cracker boxes, faded from age and sunlight.

I guess I see it everyday I don’t think twice about unusual it is anymore.

The kitchen in our apartment in Baños

Our roommate in the kitchen

Our green bathroom that always smells of vanilla.

Our mint-y bathroom in Baños

Our mint-themed bathroom

Knick knack shelf, Banos, Ecuador

There are actually quite a few of those bowls around the house.

I think this collection of pictures captures what this apartment all about: a dash of the 60’s + religious theme + happy children and puppies.

Kitschy apartment decoration, Baños

On our bedroom wall

Why we haven’t left just yet

We were originally going to stay here for only one week – and yet here we are, 3 weeks later. We’ve found our (temporary) home away from home. It will be hard to leave this place.

Especially since I’ve become so attached to my fluffy towels.

Fluffy towels