Baños, Ecuador

I finally got around to sending mine to my folks in Indonesia (the one in the middle).

Baños is located at the bottom of a still very much active volcano, Tungurahua. So active that it’s constantly spewing smokes. It definitely makes life exciting.

Fortunately, Baños is located away from the mouth of the volcano. If you look at the middle postcard, notice how the mouth and the lava is off to one side? Baños is located on the opposite side of the mountain.

So, when there’s only mild activity, the town people would flock to one of the viewpoints or to a friend’s house to watch the lava show.

And then they have a big party.

Can’t help but loving the spirit of this town.

Note: in order to relive the spirit of snail mail – you know, where you have to use a pen to write your messages – we’re sending postcards to our families from places around the world. We’ll be sharing them with you too!