Baños, Ecuador

We’re on our last week here in Baños. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here a month. It’s sad to think that soon we’ll be leaving our newfound friends behind and once again we’ll be facing the unknowns and the unexpected that our travel will bring.

We’ve spent our month here in Baños wisely, we think. We’ve volunteered our time working with the kids of Baños (more on this later) and both Jack and I have improved our Spanish by taking private lessons. We now know how to express our confusions in words other than mute blank stares (boo yah!).

We’ve gone canyoning in Rio Blanco. We’ve gone on bikes down the La Ruta de Las Cascadas.

And we’ve discovered the more unusual sight that Baños has to offer.

Such as:

The Museum by the Basilica

This is when I realised that on top of my interest in cemeteries and old churches, I also have a soft spot for badly curated museums.

Of the many rooms here, my favorite is without a doubt the animal room.

Museum in Baños
Museum in Baños

It’s filled with decaying stuffed animals arranged in the weirdest dioramas. Complete with fake blood and all.

museum in Baños

Some of the animals are missing appendages, but hey… as long as the visitors get the gist of what they’re looking at.
museum in Baños

What am I looking at?
No idea. There’s no information card of any kind. How did these animals end up here? Nobody can tell.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s a smaller room attached next to it filled with shelves and shelves of preserved animals. In all shapes of jars and pots. The embalming liquid in most of them has evaporated and these poor dead animals are slowly rotting away in their plastic tombs.

Preserved animals in Baños museum

It’s awesome!

If you like that kind of stuff.

It was so good I passed through the animal room twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

The rest of the museum is filled with very colorful robes and odds and ends such as donated pink Quincinera baskets, kid-sized sailor uniforms, or random plastic trucks and cars.

Museum in Baños

Yes. Toy cars and toy truck. In a church museum.

Why not?

Is this place worth checking out?

Is it worth the $1 admission fee?
I think so. Maybe not enough to warrant a second visit, but it’s still a cheap price to pay for a 40 minute trip to absurd-landia.

Info box
Location: next to the Basilica in Baños, Ecuador, second floor.
Price: $1