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Asia, Hong Kong February 17, 2015

Exploring Tai O, Hong Kong’s Laidback side

Once common throughout Hong Kong, Tai O is one of the last remaining communities where you can still see these stilt houses.

It is connected to the outside world by a windy, motion sickness-inducing mountain road. There are no skyscrapers here, no neon signs. There aren’t even any cars. This was exactly what we were looking for!

Beruwala, Sri Lanka December 9, 2014

Sri Lanka Highlight: Beruwala Fish Market

I always recommend people to check out the local markets when they’re traveling. To be honest it’s not always the colorful tapestries you see in magazines. Sometimes it’s a photographer’s heaven, other times it’s just ‘meh’ if not downright dangerous.

Beruwala fish market is an example where it’s particular rewarding.

Sokcho February 13, 2013

Fishy Scenes in Sokcho

This is Sokcho. Down this street by the water, seafood restaurants line the street. I got dragged into one of these restaurants. Quite literally. I took a second too long to decide, the next thing you know my shoes are off and I’m sitting cross legged next to a low table and they’re putting fish on the grill.